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A second option for tooth loss are Dental Implants. Using a titanium dental implant a new titanium root is fixed into position to replace the missing tooth (teeth). A screw-in post is then used to support the dental crown(s) or dental bridgework. Loss of a tooth can impact your life, whether it be causing difficulty when eating or limiting what you can eat, to being embarrassed about your smile or losing confidence. A dental implant and attached dental crown is such a life-like replacement that you will no longer have to worry about which foods you can or can’t eat, but also no one will ever realise that the dental implant isn’t a real tooth !

This gentleman was wearing a partial denture – “palate” – which was old and worn and he was unhappy chewing with it in this “modern age”. Two implants were placed and a three unit fixed bridge placed to give a permanent fixed solution.


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