Professor Paul Tipton

Dentist – International Lecturer – Mentor


Terms & Conditions Of Courses

Upon receipt of signed Terms & Conditions, Professor Tipton will ensure the following is adhered to:

1. An initial consultation to be arranged direct with the patient at a suitable time and venue.

2. At the consultation Professor Tipton will carry out a thorough examination and start to prepare a report on his findings and recommendations.

3. A full Part 35 Expert Witness Report will be produced within 4 weeks, supported by the circumstances surrounding the claim, patient medical history and the findings from the initial consultation.

4. As an Expert Witness, Professor Tipton is here to assist the courts and case where necessary, therefore, should there be any questions surrounding our Report, he will be happy to respond within a reasonable timescale as necessary.

5. Where required, Court attendance will be undertaken to assist the courts. Please inform us of the expected trial date and confirm you wish Professor Tipton to act as a Part 35 Expert or Advisor or Single Joint Expert.

6. Contact throughout the process will be maintained and all parties will be informed of our progress accordingly, to which we expect in return.

7. With regards to deadlines, Professor Tipton will ensure these are met, however, should it not be possible to meet a proposed deadline, we will ensure that you are informed within good time and re-arrange a realistic date accordingly.

Professor Tipton aims to provide an efficient and professional service, therefore his reports are:

  • Presented in a professional manner ensuring they comply with Part 35 Expert Witness litigation
  • Bound, sectioned, page numbered and structured for easy use by the reader. (comprehensive)
  • A Glossary of all relevant Dental terminology is included for assistance. (comprehensive)
  • Negligence Reports contain a “Standard Care” section which the opinion states what level of treatment is to be expected from a professional.
  • Facts and Opinions will be differentiated clearly so as not to be confused.
  • 4 types of reports are available and are relevant to each individual case; Essay, Interim and Comprehensive and Supplemental

In so far as the facts stated in each individual report, they are within Professor Tipton’s own knowledge which are made clear within the report. The opinions expressed represent Professor Tipton’s true and professional opinion and again, he ensures that his opinions are made clear within the report and in no way are they diverse from the actual facts.

A full quotation of Professor Tipton’s fees are detailed above and form part of the Terms and Conditions.

He will forward invoices for work completed at each stage of the protocol. All invoices are to be settled in full irrespective of reassessment.

Payment must be made within 60 days of the invoice date irrespective of reports, court appearance &/or treatment. Overdue accounts attract a 2% interest charge and each month thereafter until the account is settled.

Cancellation of any court appearances will be charged – one months notice no fee, two weeks notice half fees and one weeks notice or less full fees will be due.

Please state if any offer has been given to limiting the fees paid to your Dental Expert, or if fees are anything other than joint and several.

The report and intellectual property right invested in the report remain with the author. The benefits of ownership are not transferred to you, the instructing party, until payment is received.

A report can only be used once it is paid for. It can be studied and discussed with your client; however, it can not be disclosed or used in court.

By signing this document, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions stipulated for Professor Tipton and agree to his fees.

All fees, cheques etc are payable to Paul Tipton Ltd.

Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may result in Legal action.