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The Travels of Prof. T
    Well after a summer of lots of golf, it’s getting back to work time for me. In addition to my two days a week clinical work at TClinic in Manchester, I have several trips lined up before Xmas. As I’m sure most know by now BARD and TTL are taking our Cert and diploma courses to Dubai and the Middle East. In a fortnight I will be flying read more

Are you considering Post Grad education in the US?
    Looking at some recent FB posts about continuing education I saw several posts answering a question ‘should I go to the states and go on courses over there’ ? It got me thinking about my own post grad education and how it evolved.   I started it in 1984 by going on a number of one day courses, probably 6-8 per year. I came away with some read more

The future of NHS dentistry
  “My advice is to be proactive, get yourself skilled now and position yourself into private practice”   It seems that Jeremy Hunt and the government will be imposing the new contract on the junior doctors. You must assume that there will be no generous negotiations with our own NHS dentists over pay and conditions. No confirmed ideas of the way that the new contract and dental conditions will read more

“I still think amalgam has a place in dentistry”
In response to the news that dental amalgam will be phased down published recently by the BDA, I still think that amalgam has a place in Dentistry. Amalgam is by far the best option as a restorative material for a large restoration where its expansion does not cause a problem and also as a core material for a crown. When used correctly, amalgam is more durable, resistant to surface read more