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“I still think amalgam has a place in dentistry”

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In response to the news that dental amalgam will be phased down published recently by the BDA, I still think that amalgam has a place in Dentistry.

Amalgam is by far the best option as a restorative material for a large restoration where its expansion does not cause a problem and also as a core material for a crown.

When used correctly, amalgam is more durable, resistant to surface corrosion & prevents sensitivity for the patient.

amalgamsIt is better subgingival and has been used for over 150 years due to the benefits of its use. That is why it’s still used routinely and therefore why we still teach the correct techniques of placing it.

Picture1Unfortunately, most of the dentists we see don’t know how to use it properly. From using the correct type of magic bands, to annealing, to correct positioning of wedges, to both pre and post carve burnishing, to carving and correct tooth anatomy so the occlusion is influenced in a positive not negative way.


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