Professor Paul Tipton

Dentist – International Lecturer – Mentor



A highly respected specialist in Prosthodontics, Paul has published many scientific articles in the dental press and is an expert lecturer in his field with Tipton Training Academies in Manchester, Leeds, London and Dublin. After gaining his Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry in 1989, he was awarded the Diploma in General Dental Practice by the Royal College of Surgeons four years later and received Specialist status in Prosthodontics in 1999 from the GDC.

Professor Tipton has consistently been voted in The Top 10 Most Influential People in Dentistry in the annual Dentistry Magazine poll.

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Smile Design Part 1: The art and science of aesthetic dentistry.

In today’s health and image-conscious society, cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry
is becoming much more of a ‘must have’.This first article in a series on aesthetic dentistry explores the principles of smile design, such as centre-line, symmetry, smile line, incisal plane, gingival aesthetics, proportion and axial alignment.
Publication: Restorative & Aesthetic Practice Volume 5 No.1: Mar 2003

Smile Design Part 2: Treatment of the crowded anterior dentition – a step-bystep protocol.

The success of aesthetics and restorative dentistry depends upon the clinician’s understanding of natural tooth form. Recent advances in adhesive dentistry, dental materials and dental technology have increased the ability of the clinician to mimic the natural dentition. In patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of crowded teeth, orthodontics is the ideal treatment.
Publication: Restorative & Aesthetic Practice Volume 5 No. 2: Jun 2003

Smile Design Part 3: Aesthetic restorative treatment of anterior spacing using alternative treatment options and strategies.

Anterior tooth spacing (diastemas) is one of the many problems that patients routinely attend at our offices for correction. Orthodontics is the usual route forward in such cases – but often the patient is unwilling to go through lengthy orthodontic treatment and opts for the shorter restorative phase instead.
Publication: Restorative & Aesthetic Practice Volume 6 No. 1: Jul 2003

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