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Ash Rayarel
After completing all of the excellent post-graduate courses run by Tipton training, I have recently had the opportunity to extend the teaching to one on one at my practice treating a complex case.

I found this to be extremely valuable and would highly recommend the service. Professor Tipton brings a wealth of experience to the table and his guidance is extremely valuable.

I treated a full mouth reconstruction on a very particular patient, without Professor Tipton I would have found it extremely difficult to satisfy my patient. I had discussed the extra costs to my patient for using Professor Tipton and my patient felt it was well worth it.

When we were critiquing the provisional, we also had the technician present and Professor Tipton was able to guide my technician as well. I would thoroughly recommend considering this service for past delegates who have complex cases they require guidance on. I would explain to your patient they could have the benefit of an eminent specialist for an extra fee. This way everyone wins, the patient gets the best quality of care and you develop your skills in your own environment on a one to one basis.
Dr. Ash Rayarel BDS MFGDP(UK)

I just wanted to drop a little e mail to say how much I am enjoying the course.
More than that though I wanted to say thanks. Both your courses have been instrumental in helping me build my practice. We don’t really have decay at our practice. People come to have restorative problems fixed or cosmetic procedures like veneers. The restorative course effectively taught me everything I know.

Now with the implant course it, as ever, provides a massive amount of info in a short period so I can provide new techniques with confidence. I placed my first implant in Feb of this year and placed my 50th last week.

Also I feel the restorative part of implant treatment is 90% of the story. That’s where it succeeds or fails. The stuff you were showing yesterday was gold. Little sneaky ways to get papillae and soft tissue to do what you want.

So. I know it’s not a very English thing to do but I thought I’d say thanks for everything you’ve taught me.

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