Professor Paul Tipton

Dentist – International Lecturer – Mentor



With over 25 years experience in private practice, Professor Paul Tipton has developed multiple dental companies and is a leading figure in the industry


Professor Paul Tipton is a leading authority in UK dentistry. Regularly featured in the Dentistry’s Top 20 most influential people in dentistry he has been a pioneering figure in the industry since qualifying in 1978 from Sheffield University. After teaching in Sheffield and Australia, he established a mixed practice in central Manchester, turning purely private in 1986. After two years study at the Eastman Dental Hospital and London University he graduated with an MSc in Conservative Dentistry in 1989. The following year he began teaching the new MSc in Restorative Dentistry at Manchester University.

In 1992 Paul was awarded the D.G.D.P from the Royal College of Surgeons and appointed a member of the BDA Independent Practice Committee. In 1999 Paul was awarded Specialist status in Prosthodontics from the General Dental Council.

Regularly lecturing at home and abroad, Professor Tipton is renowned for his one-year dental courses with Tipton Training which has seen over 3000 dentists (over 10% of UK dentists) graduate during the last 21 years. He is the President of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry and has established dental academies at various locations the globe including India, Singapore and the Middle East. He is on the editorial board of Private Dentistry magazine and Restorative & Aesthetic Practice and was a founding director of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Professor Tipton is President of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry and coordinates the biannual conference bringing leading speakers from the profession together. He continues to lecture to a new generation of dentists and to those looking to develop their skills and knowledge worldwide. He has a truly global imprint on dentistry and remains one of the most influential figures in dentistry in the UK today.


Professor Tipton brings an extensive amount of experience creating dental companies through varying economic climates and has a vast amount of knowledge in creating the ideal patient environment to ensure you grow your business and profits while delivering excellent patient care.


Each year 300 dentists complete one of Professor Tipton’s one year courses. This gives him unique insights into the future of the industry and connections across the UK that are looking to develop and learn to reach their potential.

Professor Paul Tipton is Clinical Lead at Tipton Training limited and Clinical Director of TClinic based in Manchester.

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